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Greg Miller's Greatest Whitetail Adventures

Greg Miller

Greg Miller Whitetail Adventures

Deer & Deer Hunting's Greg Miller will have thousands of whitetail deer hunters reminiscing about their deer hunting adventures with this collection of fast-paced and exhilarating deer hunting tales. Deer hunters have a long tradition of camaraderie and reliving great deer hunting experiences through the telling of memorable campfire stories. Greg Miller has drawn the most dramatic stories from his deer hunting experiences and spun them into fascinating tales for fellow deer hunters. Greg Miller's stories contain valuable deer hunting insights and tactics readers can use to be more successful deer hunters. Deer hunters will relive the experiences of opening morning excitement and buck fever, along with the incredible joy of a successful deer hunt, and the pain of a missed shot. Readers will enjoy a Collection of exciting deer hunting stories as told by Deer & Deer Hunting's Greg Miller and learn hunting insights and tactics from a veteran hunter.


Proven Whitetail Tactics

Greg Miller

Proven Whitetail Tactics by Greg Miller

In Proven Whitetail Tactics by Greg Miller--one of North America's premier deer hunters--shares more of his insights and common-sense analysis that consistently brings down trophy bucks. This book picks up where his first book--Aggressive Whitetail Hunting leaves off. Greg Miller's straightforward approach to deer hunting and deer behavior is based on more than 30 years of intense deer hunting and scouting on private farmlands, public hunting grounds and national forests from Minnesota and Wisconsin to Alabama and Texas. KP.


Rub Line Secrets

Greg Miller

Hunting Rub Line Secrets by Greg Miller

In Hunting Rub Line Secrets, Greg Miller takes deer hunters to the graduate level in teaching them proven tactics for finding analyzing and hunting a big buck's rub-line. No one has enjoyed more rub-line success than Greg Miller. His straight-forward approach to hunting rub-lines in based on more than 30 years of intense deer hunting and deer scouting. Hunting Rub Line Secrets is illustrated with photos and diagrams that help Greg Miller explain his proven rub-line tactics.


Aggressive Whitetail Hunting

Greg Miller and Jeff Miller

aggressive whitetail hunting

Aggressive Whitetail Hunting answers any deer hunters questions on how to hunt trophy bucks in public forests and farmlands, as well as in exclusive hunting lands. Aggressive Whitetail Hunting has the perfect approach for gun and bowhunters who don't have the time or finances to hunt exotic locales.


Butchering Deer: The Complete Manual of Field Dressing, Skinning, Aging, and Butchering Deer at Home

John Weiss

butchering deer

In Butchering Deer by John Weiss shows how to make the necessary jobs of field dressing, skinning, and butchering deer easy and fun. Weiss covers it all: selecting the right deer for the best-tasting venison, simple techniques for field dressing, as well as various methods for taking a deer out of the woods with minimal stress. Butchering Deer by John Weiss has easy-to-follow text is highlighted with step-by-step instructions, 140 photos, illustrations, and recipes.




The Advanced Deer Hunter's Bible

John Weiss

deer hunters bible

From deer scouting the terrain and sign analysis to deer behavior patterns and luring the deer, The Advanced Deer Hunters Bible resourse includes research on deciphering deer pellets, deer tracks, and beds; food preferences and baiting; hunting from portable tree stands; and more. 150 photos. 50 line drawings.


Ultimate Guide to Planting Food Plots for Deer and Other Wildlife

John Weiss

planting food plots

Planting food plots is a hot topic for whitetail deer hunters. The Ultimate Guide to Planting Food Plots by John Weiss is useful and informative title offers practical advice on how to attract trophy bucks and other game and natural plants. Covered subjects include how to analyze your soil and water, equipment necessary to plant food plots and clover blends for deer, and more. Includes over 150 black-and-white photographs and illustrations.



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