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Precision Bowhunting: A Year-Round Approach to Taking Mature Whitetails

Chris Eberhart and John Eberhart

precision bowhunting

In Precision Bowhunting, father-and-son team John  Eberhart and Chris Eberhart have joined once again to share cutting-edge information and advice on hunting whitetail bucks in increasingly hard-hunted environments. Their year-long program starts early in the off-season, where careful deer scouting, training, and planning create the foundation for a successful deer hunting season. Then, once the fall rolls around, the authors explain the scent control and deer scouting tactics that have helped them to bag trophy bucks in some of the most pressured parts of the country. They also cover deer hunting in the rain, suburban hunting, and various other special situations. Packed with vital information and fresh insights, Precision Bowhunting belongs on the bookshelf of every serious bowhunter.


101 Deer Hunting Tips: Practical Advice from a Master Hunter

Peter Fiduccia

deer hunting tips

Peter Fiduccia is nationally recognized as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable whitetail hunters today. In 101 Deer Hunting Tips, Peter Fiduccia shares his wealth of experience, covering such topics as: Using scent (for best results, it sometimes pays off to use food scents in areas where the food doesn't normally occur); Rattling (when using natural antlers, make sure that they're no more than three years old); Calling (the Alarm Distress Snort is especially useful when hunting alone); Deer Scrapes (putting buck urine in a primary scrape is sure to flush out the buck that made that scrape); Weather (one of the best times to hunt whitetails can be during a steady downpour); Determining deer age (gray hair does not mean that a buck is old).In addition, Fiduccia provides advice on selecting a taxidermist, booking an outfitter, leasing land, and much more. 101 Deer Hunting Tips is sure to improve any hunter's comfort, enjoyment - and, most important, success.


Whitetail Strategies: A No-Nonsense Approach to Successful Deer Hunting

Peter Fiduccia

whitetail strategies

Whitetail Strategies: A No-Nonsense Approach to Successful Deer Hunting offers a wealth of information on whitetail deer and how to hunt them. Nationally recognized white-tail deer authority Peter Fiduccia presents his experience deer hunting philosophies and shares a wealth of deer hunting knowledge. Peter Fiduccia provides the reader with time-tested, common sense techniques combined with innovative deer hunting tactics. Topics range from deer communication to effective tips for weekend deer hunters on how to make the best of their time in the field. Whitetail Strategies: A No-Nonsense Approach to Successful Deer Hunting contains more than 75 exciting deer photos, dozens of illustrations, along with informative maps, charts and graphs.


Life at Full Draw: The Chuck Adams Story

Gregg Gutschow

life at full draw

Chuck Adams is the world's best known and most widely published bowhunter and the only bowhunter to complete three Grand Slams on American deer. Now enthusiasts can learn the secrets to his success as Gregg Gutschow reveals how Chuck Adams makes and breaks bowhunting records and has successfully bowhunted just about every game animal in the world in "Life At Full Draw." Readers will experience a true sense of adventure, as well as learn the secrets of this bow master.


Bowhunting Mega Bucks

Michael Hanback

bowhunting mega bucks

Bowhunting Mega Bucks is a fantastic guide investigates different techniques for bowhunting trophy bucks, with tips and advice gleaned from some of the country's bowhunting experts! Fifteen chapters in Bowhunting Mega Bucks explore bowhunting tactics for Southern, Eastern, Western and Midwestern bucks (revealing the habits and behaviors of deer in each region), understanding trophy buck movement, hunting small tracts, hanging tree stands for 30-yard shots, the key to making the shot, and much more. A special chapter on deer management discusses food plots and how to improve your hunting land for bowhunting. Readers will learn from Michael Hanback the secrets of bagging trophy bucks from the foremost names in the industry. Over 150 eye-popping color photos accompany the easy-to-follow text, and sidebars in each chapter feature quick tips on the latest and best gear and more great bits of bowhunting advice.


Modern Whietail Hunting

Michael Hanback

whitetail hunting

More than 30 million whitetails--and more trophy bucks than ever--roam North America, but the days of waltzing into the woods and bagging trophy bucks are gone. To bag these wary animals, deer hunters need to learn new tactics--cutting-edge strategies for deer hunting with bow and gun. Modern Whitetail Hunting reveals how deer have adapted to increased urbanization--where mature bucks live and what triggers their movements; best early and late-season strategies; new tricks for rattling, grunt calling, using deer scents, and deer hunting from tree stands; how to target huge deer on small lands, and much more. More than 100 photographs and illustrations help readers understand and set into motion today’s latest and greatest whitetail strategies!


Mapping Trophy Bucks

Brad Herndon

mapping trophy bucks

Whitetail deer hunters hunting public lands know the competition to bag trophy bucks is tough. Fortunately, there is a powerful--and underutilized--tool available to all deer hunters that can dramatically increase success in the field: The U.S.G.S. topographical map. By learning to read "topo maps" and understanding how deer relate to their landscape, deer hunters can learn to consistently put themselves in a position to bag trophy whitetails. Author Brad Herndon explains the basic concepts of using topographical maps effectively and implementing sound terrain hunting strategies in this new must-have guide "Mapping Trophy Bucks." From inside corners and double inside corners to the perfect funnel and mastering the wind, readers will get a better concept of using the wind and understanding topographical maps. Illustrations show details of how deer move, where the deer hunter should place his tree stand, and how to use the wind to ensure a successful whitetail hunt.


Bowhunting Forests & Deep Woods

Greg Miller

bowhunting forests & deep woods

An aggressive bowhunting guide for moving from the basics into the big woods, highlights the importance of long-term deer scouting, understanding phases of the rut and adopting a patient attitude to achieve success. Bowhunting Forests &  Deep Woods by Greg Miller appeals to millions of bowhunters who take to the woods in search of the trophy bucks. Knowing how to hunt, and knowing how to hunt trophy bucks in big woods are two different things. Champion big-woods bowhunter Greg Miller gives deer hunters of all experience levels deep woods hunting tips they can put to use the next time they're in the woods. Bowhunting Forests & Deep Woods attracts readers with detailed photos from the field and frequent reference to personal deer hunting adventures. From defining big woods to hints for dragging out deer, this easy read covers it all.




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