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deer hunting books
Read a variety of deer hunting books to learn more about deer management, bowhunting, food plots and much more.

Deer hunting books make a great resource for deer hunters, providing them with valueable information that can help make them a better deer hunter. Below is a selection of deer hunting books that focus on a variety of different topics including deer management, bowhunting, food plots, field dressing and more.

There are lots of great deer hunting books available that offer some great advice. Whether you are a beginner or experienced deer hunter, reading up on deer hunting information could never hurt.


Quality Deer Management: The Basics and Beyond

Alsheimer, Charles J.

quality deer management

Participation in Quality Deer Management (QDM) is quickly spreading across the United States. This full-color book thoroughly explores the tenets of QDM, including land development, proper animal harvest, obtaining good doe-to-buck ratios, developing nutritious food sources, and many more principles that lead to healthier deer herds and bigger bucks with larger antlers. The history and benefits of QDM are thoroughly explained, so landowners can determine if QDM is a feasible option. Landowners will learn how to test soil acidity, manage woodlands, create food plots, and estimate deer populations. Forestry management is reviewed, as well as proper QDM hunting strategies, and how to promote QDM to neighboring landowners.- Describes quality deer management (QDM) as a tool for building quality deer herds- Provides land and forestry management tips- Discusses proper QDM hunting strategies for controlling antlerless herds.


Strategies for Whitetails

Alsheimer, Charlse J.

strategies for whitetails

From host of the upcoming Deer & Deer Hunting TV's Charles Alsheimer comes a powerful and practical guide for understanding and hunting whitetail deer. Strategies for Whitetails is innovative and affordable guide takes deer hunters beyond the tree stand, and into their pursuit, with chapters and photos devoted to the rutting behavior, maximizing deer hunting opportunities during phases of the whitetail rut, and finally understanding friendships, cluter and community of deer hunters. Deer hunters looking to make the most of their next hunting excursion will find the answers in this guide. Strategies for Whitetails explores deer hunting from all angles -- the hunt, whitetail habitat and the community of deer hunters and will appeal to more than 5 million whitetail hunters in the United States. Readers will enjoy 200 breathtaking photos from the field illustrate techniques to improve deer hunting strategy.


Hunting Hard for Whitetails

Boddington, Craig and Winke, Bill

deer hunters

Bill WInke is one of the finest deer hunters and writers of a whole new generation of whitetai hunters. Here he shares the secrets of the successful hunt. "To win this game you should be trying to find the magical combination that allows you to fo after a buck hard enough to have a chance of taking him, but not so hard that he knows he's being hunted. That, in a nutshell, is what hunting big whitetails is all about." So beings this master work.


Giant Whitetails: A lifetime of Lessons

Mark Drury, Terry Drury and Michael Hanback

giant whitetails

Mark Drury and Terry Drury share observation tactics and tips for hunting gian whitetails by the moon, as well as methods for successful ground blind hunting, non-intrusive deer hunting, and using rattling antlers effectively. Comprised of 10 individual accounts of hunting trophy bucks from start to finish, each chapter tells a new awe-inspiring story, and for the reader's benefit, finishes with a lessons learned" section.


Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails

Chris Eberhart and John Eberhart

bowhunting pressured whitetails

Picking up where ordinary deer hunting manuals leave off, Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails covers in detail everything deer hunters need to know to take mature bucks in areas where hunting pressure has increased deer's wariness and ability to evade hunters. Chris Eberhart and John Eberhart will teach you how to use an ambush sling for increased shot opportunities, and the value of fitness for serious hunting in "Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails." Aimed specifically at bowhunters in pressured areas, this manual nevertheless contains a wealth of information useful to hunters everywhere.




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